Pier and Beam Damage – Dallas

The Situation

A single family 1.5 story wood framed structure with a pier and beam foundation and exterior wood siding experienced flooding.

Adam Green, the CEO of Crosstown Engineering is a licensed storm water expert through the Federal Department of Environmental Protection and the homeowners called Crosstown Engineering to inspect the home.

The heavy rains submerged the pier and beam area in 6” of water. The experts at Crosstown Engineering were unable to gain access to inspect the pier and beam lumber elements. Due to the heavy rainfall, our team suspected that many elements would need to be replaced. The rain also caused the wood to rot and excess moisture in the foundation.


Our engineers conducted an inspection, which revealed drywall cracks, uneven windows, water infiltration into the slab area and other signs of foundation movement.

Foundation movement is caused by wet soil. When soils become wet, they become ‘squishy’ and lose their ability to bear the weight of a foundation thus, passing its ‘liquid limit.’ This excessive moisture around the perimeter may have caused the settlement.

The homeowner also reduced runoff onto his property by creating a man-made beam to direct the water away from the property. This tactic was not as efficient because the home was still in need of drainage help.


The experts at Crosstown Engineering recommended surface drains or inlets for the foundation due to the excessive amount of surface runoff. These types of drains would help collect water from the submerged areas. In particular, French drains are ideal for draining wet soils and surface drains (inlets) are ideal for collecting surface runoff.

We also recommended that the homeowners install a full gutter system and connect it with the new drainage system. The property contains an existing sump pump, which will be used to pump out the collected rainwater.

To direct the storm water away from the home, re-grading around the inlets is recommended. In addition, our team suggested that concrete grade beams be placed to support the perimeter of the foundation.

If you notice signs of foundation damage, due to flooding, contact Crosstown Engineering today for a professional inspection.