Roof Truss Damage and Repairs

Roof trusses are engineered components of the structure and when they are not performing properly, it can severely affect the structure.  Sagging roofs, roof leaks, drywall cracks and even roof collapse is possible.

This type of damage is also regularly found by residential home inspectors during the sale of a home and can lead to a lost sale or a delay in the closing. 

Our home inspector identified a truss member that had sheared and broken away at the connection.

Our structural analyst designed a gusset plate to reinforce the connection after the member was replaced. 

For truss repairs to be effective, the gusset plat must be in contact with all the wood members and the nails must extend through the members.  It is very important that a contractors work be inspected and approved by a licensed engineering firm to avoid negligent work.

It is best to hire the engineering firm to design the repair and then inspect the repair afterward to ensure it is completed properly.