A pool inspection should be part of your home inspection. It represents a significant portion of a home’s value.

Pool Inspections – Texas

When we do home inspections, we encourage the homeowner or homebuyer to have a pool inspection done at the same time. Pool repairs and replacement can be quite costly; it just makes sense to have the pool and pool equipment evaluated along with the house.

Of course, you can have your pool inspected at any time. You don’t have to do it as part of a home inspection. If your pool or pool equipment hasn’t been fully inspected in 2 years or more, it’s time to get it done. 

The Cost Benefits of a Pool Inspection

Our pool inspections will determine if your pool is functional, but that is just the beginning. It is the goal of each inspection to provide a basic evaluation of all aspects of the pool and equipment. Our inspection report will address the following:

  • Existing Relative Elevation Level of the Pool Cap (does the pool tilt and is a crack visible?)
  • Visual Assessment of Pool Structure
    • Finish
    • Tile/Grout
    • Mastic / Expansion Joints
    • Deck Interface with Pool/Spa
    • Pool Level / Movement 
    • Visible Damage
    • Drain Covers
  • Deck Equipment (Condition Assessment)
    • Skimmer(s)
    • Skimmer Covers / Baskets
    • Handrail(s) / Ladder(s)
    • Decking Material Condition
    • Diving board/Water Slide
    • Barrier (Fence, Gates, Door Alarms)
  • Mechanical / Electrical Equipment
    • Timers/Controls
    • Filter (Type)
    • Pumps & Motors; Number
    • Heater; Type
    • Visible Piping
    • Valves & Remote Actuators
    • Chemical Feed (in-line) / Salt Cell
    • Equipment Grounds / Surface Wiring
    • Automatic Cleaning Equipment
    • Lights
    • Switches, Breakers, GFCI
  • Water Chemistry
  • Other Features
  • Visual Damage Assessment

A pool inspection report provides vital information to any potential homebuyer. It can provide negotiating power if you want to buy, or save you from making a purchase you’ll regret. 

Homeowners can also benefit from an inspection of their pool. Newer pool equipment has become much more efficient than equipment installed a decade ago. You may lower your utility bills and avoid future repair bills by replacing existing pool equipment before it starts to fail. We’re happy to provide you with an expert opinion on the condition of your pool and pool equipment.

Why Hire Crosstown Engineering for Your Pool Inspection?

Our Home Inspection team is one of the most well-trained group of inspectors in Texas. Our inspectors all complete 40 hours of pool inspection training and certification through InterNACHI®, (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors). This training teaches Texas standard operating procedures for pool and spa inspections.  We also pay for our home inspectors to spend a day with a former Navy Underwater Marine Inspector to learn some additional technical information.

Their supervision by and internal access to Licensed Professional Engineers adds an advantage that other inspectors do not have. We hold our inspectors to the same high standards of integrity expected of all professionals in our organization. For thorough, professional pool and spa inspection, call Crosstown Engineering.

Your Home Inspection Should Include a Pool Inspection

You would think that a pool inspection would be a standard part of any home inspection of a residence that includes a pool. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Many home inspectors are not trained in pool inspection and do not offer it as part of their services. Always check whether your home inspector includes this vital service before hiring any Texas home inspector. 

Home and pool inspections aren’t only for older homes or homes listed for sale. New construction doesn’t guarantee that the foundation, home, and pool are free from problems. If you are considering the purchase of a new home, don’t bypass the home and pool inspection. It isn’t uncommon for building inspectors to miss issues that can be uncovered by a thorough final inspection. 

For a thorough and professional home and pool inspection, contact Crosstown Engineering & Inspections.

Crosstown Engineering Inspection Services 

When it comes to building inspections, Crosstown Engineering & Inspections offers the full spectrum. From home inspections by trained inspectors to foundation inspections by Licensed Professional Engineers. Our wide spectrum of training and inspection services provide peace of mind and practical solutions to property owners and potential buyers. From the foundation to the attic, we will make sure that your structure is sound. If concerns are discovered, we will offer our recommendations for repairs or resolution of the issues.

Call Crosstown Engineering for all your home inspection needs.

  • Home Inspections
  • Pool and Spa Inspections
  • Wood Destroying Insect Inspections
  • Septic System Inspections
  • Attic Inspections
  • Foundation Inspections

Make Sure Home Repairs Are Done Right

The point of every inspection is to determine if there are issues that need to be corrected. Crosstown Engineering has the training and experience necessary to spot the problems and recommend solutions, but we don’t do the repair work. We highly recommend that all home repairs have the oversight of licensed engineers, and a final inspection be performed after the repairs are completed. This ensures that the recommendations of the inspector or engineer have been correctly executed.

Call Crosstown Engineering for all your home inspection needs.