Load Bearing Wall: Door Opening


The owner of this home did not like their layout and wanted to open up a door opening with a wider opening.

Our load-bearing analyst was called out to evaluate the wall to determine if it was load-bearing.  After crawling the attic, he was able to determine that the wall was load-bearing.  He then designed a replacement overhead beam to carry the load and make a larger opening and we produced an engineering letter that the contractor used to open and close the permit and also to follow in order to do the job.

BE AWARE – It is a requirement in all cities and counties in Texas require homeowners to have an engineering firm design and approve structural changes.  A signed and sealed engineering letter is required to open and close structural modification permits.  If a letter is not completed, the structural will undergo difficulty when selling the home and many times, without the oversight of an engineer, contractors will make big mistakes with their beam design. This contractor did a great job!