Structural Foundation Inspection – Garland, TX

The Situation

Homeowners living in a two-story residential wood framed structure in Garland, TX started experiencing sticky doors and windows, as well as wall and ceiling cracks. The property has interior drywall, exterior brick veneers, an intact gutter system and trees planted away from the foundation. A structural foundation inspection was a must for this home.


Before Crosstown Engineering investigated the property, the homeowner received differing opinions from contractors, one of whom concluded that the damage was due to “regular settlement”—which ultimately, was not the case. To ensure a thorough inspection, Crosstown Engineering opted to conduct a damage forensics investigation.

Our structural engineers spearheaded the foundation inspection and identified cracks, distress and settlement in the front left of the property and concluded that interior piers would be the best solution.


Per the foundation inspection, the property’s low elevation (due to its heavy weight) made interior piers necessary. Interior piers are important because they alleviate foundation issues by elevating the structure and lifting portions of the structure that exterior piers cannot. In this case, these piers could be placed in a carpeted area and did not require tile or wood flooring removal.

After the installation of the piers, our engineers calculated any improvements in the home’s elevation and issued an engineering report, so that the owner could refinance or sell the property. By keeping a copy of the final engineering report, the homeowner is able to compare the final elevations to future elevation reports.

If you have further questions or concerns regarding the structure of your home, contact the professionals at Crosstown Engineering today.