Home Foundation Inspection – Allen, TX

The Situation

The homeowners of a single-family home in Allen, Texas had identified a crack in their ceiling and wanted to ensure that there were no significant foundation damages, and that any potential future damages were avoided.


For this home foundation inspection, we utilized the expertise of our structural engineers who specialize in damage forensics. During their home foundation inspection, our team obtained floor elevation data and concluded that the foundation had settled in the front left corner of the home.

The reason for this settlement? Unfortunately, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause, but in this scenario, we determined that the settlement occurred due to the soil’s moisture retention—which is known as “active” soil, a common occurrence in Allen, TX. Due to the region’s hot and dry weather, active soils are often present and can cause soil evaporation and shrinkage, which leads to foundation issues.

While active soil was the most likely cause for the foundation’s settlement in this case, other potential contributing factors, include:

  • Moisture evaporation
  • Trees planted near the home
  • Weakly reinforced, compacted or embedded corners


To alleviate the home’s foundation problem, our structural engineers installed eight exterior piers. Due to the region’s shallow layer of bearing soils, steel piers are a practical and cost-efficient solution to alleviate foundation issues. By installing piers, homeowners can also help prevent further structural damage.

It is recommended that homeowners proactively protect the structural foundation of their home by keeping their soil embedded, using a sprinkler system, growing grass on damaged areas and watering the yard regularly.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your home’s foundation, contact the professionals at Crosstown Engineering for a home foundation inspection today.