Foundation Inspection – Arlington, TX

The Situation

A single-family home in Arlington, Texas experienced concrete damage and the property’s close proximity to a large tree caused concern for the homeowners. They wanted to take the necessary steps to protect their home’s concrete and avoid potential future foundation damages.


Crosstown Engineering conducted a home foundation inspection and concluded that the tree’s limbs and roots extended far into the home foundation, which caused the cracks in the home’s concrete. Tree roots can cause significant damage to a home through physical contact, soil shrinkage, excess water removal, and gaps in the soil that can create stress on the home foundation.

Along with tree roots, soil mechanics can contribute to foundation damage. For example, in the Arlington, TX region, hot and dry weather can cause moisture retention, which makes the clay soil shrink and become “active.” In this case, tree roots were the primary reason for the damaged concrete.


The foundation repair plan created by our professional engineers first required a home foundation inspection to determine the extent of the damage. If the damage was not severe, a foundation maintenance soaker hose is a potential solution. This solution protects the soil against evaporation and ensures that the top layer remains nourished.

In addition, root barricades are an alternative solution that prevents the root from growing and allows proper soil retention. In some cases, neither a soaker hose nor a root barricade will alleviate home foundation issues, which leaves tree removal as the only remaining solution.

Structural engineers are highly qualified and their extensive expertise makes them the preferred choice when evaluating a home’s structure and conducting a home foundation inspection. Not only do they have the experience, but licensed professional engineers can determine the proper solution to alleviate your home foundation problems.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your home’s foundation, contact the professionals at Crosstown Engineering today.