Four Reasons to Hire a Foundation Engineer

Four Reasons to Hire a Foundation Engineer

Have you ever considered hiring a foundation engineer? For most homeowners dealing with foundation issues, the answer is probably “no.” It’s not easy to know when you need a foundation engineer—or what type. If you’re in a situation where you need to hire a foundation engineer, we recommend hiring an independent foundation engineer. Here are four reasons you should consider hiring an independent foundation repair engineer.

Noticeable Home Foundation Damage

The easiest way to figure out if you need a home foundation inspection is by spotting signs of foundation damage. A previous Insight article discussed five key signs of home foundation damage. If you’ve noticed any issues, you should seek out an independent foundation engineer to conduct a home foundation inspection.

Damage in Your Neighborhood

Most home foundation problems are a direct result of underlying geological issues. It’s important for homeowners to pay attention to issues in their neighborhoods. If a neighbor is having home foundation issues—it’s a good idea to consult an independent foundation engineer. The engineer will be able to advise if your home is at-risk of similar foundation problems.

Before Buying/Selling a Home

For most, you home is your most important investment. That’s why we recommend having an independent foundation engineer conduct a home foundation inspection both before buying a new home and before selling your current home. An engineering report will advise of any potential issues, allowing you to spot any problems and avoid costly repairs later in the process.

Unbiased Opinion

Perhaps the most important reason for hiring an independent foundation engineer is ensuring you get an unbiased opinion. The fact that the foundation engineer is independent means he/she is acting as a third party consultant. If you don’t hire an independent foundation engineer, you may be receiving advice and a sales pitch instead of a recommendation from a neutral party.

If you have any home foundation concerns, make sure your home is protected and contact an independent foundation engineer.

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