Don’t Try This At Home: 5 Cases to Avoid DIY Fixes at Home

Fixing something ourselves is enjoyable if it means saving money. However, in some cases, it is best to leave it to the experts. Working around your home, especially when doing so without proper knowledge, can be very dangerous. Certain projects take time and care, and when handled incorrectly, they can cause major damage.

These are a few instances in which Crosstown Engineering recommends you call in the professionals.

1.  Plumbing Issues
There are minor plumbing issues that can be fixed with ease. For example, replacing a shower head or tightening a faucet can be done at home in no time. However, these small leaks can be indicators of larger issues in your plumbing pipelines that can cost you thousands to fix if not caught in time. The inner pipes are made of copper and are only fit for fixing by someone with extensive welding experience. One wrong move could have your pipelines diverted and your house flooded, so for this one, we suggest you put down the blow torch and call a plumber.

2.  Fuel/Gas Appliance Repair
Flammable substances are involved in fuel and gas appliances where leaks can go easily undetected. These appliances, if tampered with incorrectly, could lead to fires, fuel emissions and carbon monoxide leakages in your home.

3. Electrical Repairs
Crosstown Engineering advises that in almost every circumstance, you call an electrician. Although the issue can be minor, tampering with electrical currents in your home can be very dangerous. One wrong wire disconnected or placed into the wrong outlet can cause severe shock and ignite house fires. Electricians are mandated to have extensive qualifications to ensure safety.

4.  Roofing Repair
The reasons behind hiring a professional to work on your roof are obvious. Other than the risk of falling off once on top, there is also the challenge of climbing a ladder balancing all of your tools and equipment. Other factors that will impact your ability to work on your roof include: heat, ice, rain, stability and the angle of your roof.

5. Branch/Tree Removal
Although we often see it done on television, getting rid of a tree on your own is a serious task. Other than property damage to you or surrounding neighbors from the fall, uprooting a tree can destroy your yard’s shrubbery and landscaping. Even if it’s just some branches you want to get rid of, working with dangerous tools high off of the ground is an accident waiting to happen. It is best to consult professionals when looking to branch or tree removal.

Crosstown Engineering recommends keeping your home safe and yourself by calling in an expert to fix these household issues.