Costs of Structural Home Inspections in Dallas

Crosstown Engineering expanded their home inspection services in Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas because these inspections are high in demand. The reason being is due to the recent development of buildings and homes in these two metropolitan areas. As properties are built at such a rapid pace it increases the chance that building structural issues may exist or develop over time.

Our structural engineers outlined the most common questions that homeowners may have about a home inspection in Dallas such as cost, red flags and tips.

How much does a structural home inspection cost?

The cost of a home inspection and engineering report can vary depending on the region, size and age of the house as well as the severity of the damage. A home inspection typically should cost anywhere from $300 to $500 and should be considered as an investment towards your home’s protection and safety.

What are some red flags to look for?

Consulting a professional to inspect your home can be an overwhelming process. It is advised to consult a qualified, licensed structural engineer rather than an unlicensed contractor. Structural engineers are accredited and have the necessary experience and knowledge to provide an unbiased repair plan.
The professional that is inspecting your home should have referrals. Referrals can save time, money and potential headaches. If the professional or their company does not have any referrals or testimonials, consider it a red flag. Another red flag is if the professional offers a free inspection. This means the inspection will most likely be performed by an unlicensed contractor, who will not be as qualified as a structural engineer.

What are some tips to save on a home inspection in Dallas?

The first tip for homeowners is to proactively take care of their home. This includes fixing observable signs of distress, planting greenery away from the home and putting a proper drainage system in place. In addition, homeowners should pay attention during the initial home inspection before purchasing the home. Take the time to inspect the entire property yourself and pay attention to the details.

Why homeowners should avoid skimping on a home inspection?

If the damage to the home already done, homeowners should research several professionals who conduct home inspections. Some home inspection companies may provide additional benefits that do not come as a cost such as a 90-day warranty or termite inspection. Additionally, some companies include an engineering report within their inspection, free of charge.
Homeowners should ask what is included in a quoted price and realize that choosing an unlicensed contractor with a cheap price could cause financial and emotional consequences in the future when further issues are unveiled. Homeowners should not consider skimping on a home inspection because if the issue is not uncovered, it could result in extensive future damage that would cost much more to fix.
If you have questions on the cost of a home inspection in Dallas or would like to speak to a structural engineer regarding the integrity of your home, contact Crosstown Engineering today.