When to Call A Home Foundation Engineer

Homeowners most commonly recognize foundation damage through signs of distress such as cracks, sticky doors and uneven floors. These signs of physical damage usually indicate that the structure of the home has been affected and the home is in need of a foundation repair.

To avoid future damage and protect the home, homeowners should consult a home foundation engineer to inspect the home. Crosstown Engineering recommends homeowners immediately contact a structural engineer to perform the inspection. Structural engineers have far more expertise and knowledge, making them a better choice to hire compared to a contractor. Licensed engineers can determine the proper solution to alleviate a home’s foundation issues.

Crosstown Engineering has outlined three common situations where home buyers should seek out an engineer to inspect their home’s foundation issues.

Physical Damage
Obvious signs that a home’s foundation is physically damaged include:

  • Cracks in the ceiling, wall or floor
  • Sticking doors
  • Leaning cabinets
  • Uneven floors
  • Spaces between the wall and ceiling or floor

Homeowners should remain observant to physical signs of damage and not ignore any, if found. These signs of damage serve as a good indication that there is foundation movement. A structural engineer will be able to inspect the property, identify the timeline and cause of damage and conduct an engineering and repair report.

The Neighborhood
Homeowners interested in purchasing a home should consult the neighbors for any possible issues in their home or the home they are interested in purchasing. Neighbors would most likely know about the home when the previous owners occupied it.

Neighbors may remember if the home had previous foundation damage or if other homes in the neighborhood have experienced foundation problems. If a neighborhood has a considerable amount of homes with foundation damage, it that can be a red flag to a prospective homeowner as damage may spread to the property they are interested in.

Geological Issues
Individuals who are looking for a home should keep in mind geological issues such as sinkholes, active clay soils and the climate of the region in which they are purchasing a home.

Properties in areas that experience dry and arid climates are susceptible to foundation damage due to expansive soil. In Florida and Texas, sinkholes have become a growing problem. Homeowners should remain cautious when purchasing a home and understand the potential risks. If geological issues are common near a certain property, homeowners should consult a structural engineer for an in-depth inspection.

If you have questions about how to fix your home’s foundation problems or to find a structural engineer, contact the professionals at Crosstown Engineering today.