The 5 Most Common Issues Found in a Home Inspection

A home inspection conducted by a structural engineer could make or break a potential homeowner’s decision to purchase the home. A home investigation is an integral component to ensure the safety and security of a home. To ensure a thorough evaluation, it is important for the homeowner to have a general understanding of common issues found during a home inspection.

Poorly Maintained Roof

The roof of a home is susceptible to leaks due to weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall or snow. Along with leaks, roofs can also experience broken or cracked shingles, water damage or gutter damage.

Small gaps from water damage (or other causes) can be resealed if caught early enough. Homeowners should remain proactive in protecting the roof of their home. Damage that is left unattended could cause major leakage problems down the road.

Lack of a Foundation Watering System

Homes should be protected by a watering system, especially those that are located in dry climates like Texas and Florida. A watering system ensures the soil near the home and underneath the property is maintained at a consistent moisture level.

Homeowners should also set up a water system, which allows the system to water the soil on a routine basis. The system ensures the frequency and flow rate of the water, helping to prevent drying and cracking of the soil.

Sloping Floors

Homeowners who experience heaving or sloping floors should have their property inspected immediately as these symptoms could indicate underlying issues. If the structural engineer determines that the damage does not compromise the structure of the property, a homeowner may be able to leave the floor as is.

If the damage is extensive, the structural engineer will likely recommend a foundation repair plan. There are different techniques in order to conduct a foundation repair, which include installing supports, piers or beams.

Wall Cracks & Sticking Doors

Observable signs, such as wall or celling cracks, sticking doors and leaning windows serve as common signs there may be property damage. A structural engineer will be able to determine the extent of damage—if any.

Engineers have routines for testing cracks, structural damage and soil to determine the extend of damage and repair a foundation repair plan. For example, sticking doors often occur when there’s doorframe damage caused by settlement issues. A structural engineer is an expert in the field that will be able to properly assess a home’s foundation issues.

Trees Planted Close to the Home

While atheistically, pleasing, if many trees and shrubs with deep roots are planted close to the home, they will compete with the soil for moisture. During a dry season, this can cause a home’s foundation to settle unevenly and form cracks. In order to avoid this headache, it is advised to plant any type of greenery away from the home’s foundation.

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Photo Credit: Jens karlsson