Post-Engineering Report – What’s Next For Homeowners?

Post-Engineering Report – What’s Next For Homeowners?

Engineering reports: most homeowners don’t know what they are or what they’re for until they need one. In fact, most homeowners don’t even know they need one until they’re informed by a contractor. We recently discussed what you should expect in an engineering report. Today we’ll discuss next steps for homeowners after the engineering report is signed, sealed and delivered.

Engineering Report Basics

In most cases, you’ll need an independent engineering report before a contractor can build or repair your home foundation. Before the contractor begins, they will need to review the engineering report as it provides a comprehensive assessment of the state of the foundation and property. Additionally, engineer should there be any issues or potential problems with the home foundation, the engineering report will include any recommendations from the structural. In many cases, the engineering report clears the property of any foundation problems or other issues—but if a foundation issue is found, it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

So You Have Your Engineering Report, Now What?

After the independent engineer provides the engineering report, they should review the report with you and inform you of their findings. Typically, if the report doesn’t indicate any issues or concerns, you’re structural engineer will quickly review the report and let you know that you’re clear to begin construction. If the report does identify structural or foundation problems, the engineer should sit down and review the full report. This is your chance to ask questions and ask for the engineer’s independent advice and remediation plan recommendation.

As a neutral party, an independent foundation engineer will provide an unbiased opinion and recommend an appropriate plan for fixing your home foundation problems. If you have a contractor selected, the engineer can provide the recommendation for them. Additionally, if you do not have a contractor in mind, the engineer should be able to recommend a trustworthy option.

With your sealed engineering report in-hand, you can acquire the necessary permits and break ground on your project. Whether you’re adding to your home, or repairing a foundation problem you’ve encountered, having a professional engineering report as your guide will ensure the proper plan is put in place.

Photo Credit: Dean Terry