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Every Crosstown inspection includes:

  • Infrared Analysis
  • Detailed foundation elevation map

We are the only inspection company to provide this type of value!

Crosstown not only provides the greatest value with each inspection but we are also the highest rated inspection company in Texas with more than 1,000 online reviews!  We are the only firm with:

  • 5 Angies List Super Service Awards
  • 6 years as the Top-Rated firm on Home Advisor
  • Over 300 5-Star Reviews on Google. 

We are passionate about our services! Learn more about our approach to home inspection below. 

How Does a Home Inspection Protect a Wylie Homebuyer?

What to Expect from a Crosstown Home Inspection

It has become a common practice for homebuyers to list passing a home inspection as a contingency on their purchase agreements. The reason behind this? Home inspections protect homebuyers from unexpected issues and expenses; they can also increase the negotiation strength of a homebuyer. 

At Crosstown Engineering, you can expect the most thorough, modern, technology-driven, and valuable-driven home inspection available. We will provide a detailed report of our findings and answer any questions you have about the items on the report. Not all home inspectors cover this full list of crucial items in their inspection report. 

Our industry-leading Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) home inspectors will do an assessment that is in compliance with the Texas Standards of Practice. Our home inspection will include the following components:

  •     Foundations (crawl all pier-and-beam foundation homes with access)
  •     Roof & attic (walk the roof and crawl the attic)
  •     Grading, Drainage & Guttering 
  •     Walls (Interior & Exterior) 
  •     Heating and cooling systems 
  •     Electrical panel, branch circuits & outlets 
  •     Water supply system
  •     Plumbing fixtures
  •     Kitchen appliances
  •     Lawn sprinkler system
  •     Gas supply system
  •     Pools & Equipment (additional fee may apply)
  •     And several other items

Crosstown inspectors scan the walls, heating and cooling systems, plumbing fixtures, electrical components, etc. with our thermal imaging cameras to find issues that are not visible (a critical part of a good home inspection).

Benefits of Infrared Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections

Why We Invest in Infrared Technology for Our Inspectors 

Not all Wylie, Texas home inspectors use infrared technology as part of their home inspections. We require that our inspectors complete 40 hours of thermal imaging training and be Infrared Certified®.

Crosstown Engineering recognizes the critical advantages that a thermal imaging report provides as part of a home inspection report. This technology has been available for some time, but not everyone understands the many different issues that can be detected by thermal imaging. This technology goes far beyond just detecting heat loss.

Here are some of the conditions that may be detected through thermal imaging.

Energy or Heat Loss

  •     Around doors and windows
  •     Through walls and ceilings
  •     AC compressor leaks
  •     Broken seals in double-pane windows

Leaks or Moisture Penetration

  •     Plumbing fixture leaks
  •     Roof leaks
  •     Wet or missing insulation
  •     Moisture issues around the foundation
  •     Water-intrusion points

Other Serious Issues

  •     Overheating of electrical components and connections
  •     Possible termite infestation
  •     Presence of rodents in walls
  •     Flu leaks that could emit carbon monoxide 

If you have questions about how infrared technology works and the benefits of an infrared report as part of a home inspection, give us a call. We’re happy to explain the process.

How to Select the Best Home Inspection Company in Wylie

Real Estate Home Inspection Standards

When choosing a home inspection company that services your home in Wylie, there are several questions you should ask.

  1.     Have they had TREC home inspection training?
  2.     Are they Certified by InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)?
  3.     Is a Wood-Destroying Insect (WDI) report included in ALL their inspections?
  4.     Do they use infrared technology to find unseen issues?
  5.     How much experience do they have in construction or engineering?
  6.     Do they have training from a structural engineer on foundation knowledge?
  7.     Do they do a crawl through inspection of pier and beam foundations? 
  8.     Do they walk the roof for a thorough assessment?
  9.     Do they check for gas leaks?
  10. Will they provide photos to support their findings?
  11. Will they verbally review the findings of the report with you?

Give us a call to learn more about why homebuyers and homeowners in Wylie hire Crosstown Engineering to perform their home inspections.

Builder Warranty Inspections

Three Different Home Warranty Inspections

Home warranty inspections are different from a real estate home inspection. Home warranty inspections are carried out on homes that are less than 10 years old with a warranty. The primary goal of these inspections is to find any issues in the structure of the home that are related to errors by the contractor during construction. 

 1-Year Home Warranty Inspection

This inspection must be done before your home’s one-year anniversary. Any issues discovered that need to be corrected by the home builder need to be brought to their attention immediately. This warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials. You should schedule this inspection around the 10th-11th month after completion of the home. 

2-Year Home Warranty Inspection

The warranty period for electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems in your new home extends to your two-year anniversary. Issues related to these essential systems can take longer to show themselves and may not have been evident during your one-year warranty inspection. Be sure to schedule this inspection a couple months prior to that two-year anniversary date.

10-Year Home Warranty Inspection

This inspection is often referred to as the structural warranty inspection and needs to be completed before the 10-year anniversary of your new home or when evidence arises that may indicate that the foundation is moving. A structural warranty inspection needs to be performed by a structural engineer, not a standard home inspection expert. This inspection covers the structural performance of your foundation and other components. 

A structural warranty home inspection from Crosstown Engineering will provide the assurance that your home is structurally sound. If structural defects are discovered, you will receive a full report of our findings to use in pursuing satisfaction of the 10-year structural warranty from your builder.

Newly Constructed Homes Need Home Inspections, Too

A frequent misconception is that newly constructed homes don’t need a home inspection, only older homes. This is not the case, especially in Texas. Since home builders are not required to be licensed in Texas, there are contractors operating who do not follow proper construction practices and sub-contractors routinely cut-corners to save money. Having a home inspection completed by a competent home inspection expert in Wylie, TX can uncover costly mistakes that aren’t obvious to even the savviest homebuyers. Don’t assume that a city building inspector is going to take the time to look for details that can be uncovered by a professional real estate inspector.

Other Types of Home Inspections

Buying a new or existing home should always include a home inspection, but there are a couple of other situations where you might want to request a professional home inspection.

Why Sellers Should Have a Pre-listing Home Inspection

Occasionally we get requests for home inspections from Wylie homeowners who are preparing to list their home for sale. By hiring a home inspector prior to listing, the homeowners gain the opportunity to discover and correct any issues prior to listing. This eliminates worry about what “might” show up in the buyer’s home inspection. Plus, they know that the sale won’t be delayed due to fixes required to finalize the sale, something other sellers might not have as a selling point. 

Termite Inspections 

You might not think to call a home inspection company to inspect for termites, but Wood-Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspections are a normal part of our services. A pest inspector may identify a termite infestation and provide a solution to rid the home of termites, However, a home inspector provides an unbiased, third-party  assessment of whether there is evidence of termites. If you have been told you have a termite infestation or you have seen signs of termites, give us a call to schedule a Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection. 

Pool Inspections

Pool Inspections are not a common skill found in a Home Inspector but in our opinion, its important!  Our inspectors have been taught how to inspect pools and spas in compliance with the state SOP.  Our inspectors have completed 40 hours of pool inspection training and have been certified INTERNACHI and have the experience to help you identify issues with your pool.

Septic System Inspections

A septic inspection should be completed by someone with a certification so that the lenders will respect and recognize the analysis.  Also, if your inspector doesn’t dig to open the lid, they are useless!  Our inspectors have attained the highest and most comprehensive onsite sewage treatment system courses covering the terminology, treatment, tanks, construction methods, field application and has demonstrated excellence in the field.  The National Association of Wastewater Technicians has certified your inspector.

Crosstown Engineering – Wylie Home Inspection Experts

Real Estate and Structural Home Inspections

Our home inspectors have more extensive training than most home inspectors in Wylie, Texas. They are all TREC and InterNACHI Certified and have had an additional 120 hours of training in foundation inspection from our drainage and local home inspection structural engineers. For the most comprehensive home inspection report in Wylie, contact Crosstown Engineering to get on our inspection schedule.