A Note From The President

A Note From Our President

I am very excited and humbled to be part of the great team of professionals at Crosstown Engineering Firm (CE). When CE started, I had only a couple of bucks, a few faithful clients and an unyielding desire to provide the best service I could to those clients. Now, after several years of growth, we’ve assembled a group of professionals committed to providing that same excellent customer service. This commitment, coupled with our unique expertise, allows us to help our clients and community reach their goals.

Crosstown Engineering’s Core Values

Exceptional Client Service

Everyone at CE has a singular focus and a clear purpose: We exist to provide our clients with excellent service and to provide each other with unwavering support in the pursuit of that excellence. This purpose drives our relationships with our clients and each other every day.

Teamwork & Partnership, Giving and Sharing

We believe that a single person or a single business can accomplish a lot; however, a person or business that can effectively lift-up and lead a team to successfully complete a project will have a much greater and more significant impact in our community. Because of this, it is our belief that teamwork & partnership, giving and sharing are essential ingredients to our success.

Honesty, Transparency, Trust and Integrity

The path to success is created by open communication between team members and with clients. In order to establish trust, honesty (the most important piece of any relationship) must be a standard. Because of this culture of truthfulness, we make wise decisions because honesty and transparency are valued. Once we’ve established a great line of communication, it’s time to get to work. And because of this open communication and environment of honesty, we are able to lead with questions and confront brutal facts. This enables us to identify issues and create solutions–ultimately leading to a successful project completion.


We only take on projects that 1) we can be great at, 2) we are passionate about and 3) are profitable. We set our goals and strategies based on this understanding.


Our working environment provides a structure of unwavering support in which professionals can do what they love and practice what they are good at. This entrepreneurial, “can-do” attitude is at our core and inspires the growth of CE, our clients, partners and community.

Now that you understand our core values, feel free to browse our services and contact us today to discuss if we are the right fit for your project.

Thank you for visiting our website and I look forward to working together!

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Adam Green
CEO, Crosstown Engineering Firm