Our structural engineers lead foundation repair projects from foundation evaluation to the engineering report.

West Oak Hill Structural Engineering Experts

When Should You Hire a Structural Engineer?

Structurally Sound Building

For a structure to be considered habitable, it must be structurally sound. There are several issues that may result from structural issues, including cracks, splits, bending, and shifting throughout the property. These defects are not always minor issues that can be easily corrected. A property is at risk of collapse if the integrity of supporting structures is compromised. The foundations and roof are two of the most important areas when it comes to structural integrity of a West Oak Hill home or building. 

Structural Risks in Attics and Roofs

Even properties that have been constructed using sound techniques and high-quality materials can suffer structural integrity issues. Natural disasters such as violent storms are often responsible for damaging the structural integrity of a building. A falling tree or debris that strikes the West Oak Hill property in high winds could compromise important structures. A structural engineer can assess the property and evaluate whether there are stability issues that require repairs. 

 Crosstown Engineering can carry out an extensive inspection of your property to determine if the integrity of your structure has been impacted after a storm or any other calamity. We specialize in roof, siding, and foundation inspections.

Load-Bearing Wall & Remodeling

When remodeling a property, it is important to identify any load-bearing walls. These structures provide support for any floors above. While it may be tempting to tackle the task alone, West Oak Hill home and business owners should consult with a structural engineer. If load-bearing walls are not replaced to standard, there is a significant risk of compromising structural integrity.

Foundation Inspections

Repairing damage to foundations should only follow a professional inspection. A structural engineer is best equipped to identify the underlying cause. The wrong solution could result in ongoing repair costs and further risks of compromise to supported structures. Crosstown Engineering offers a comprehensive inspection of foundations so that all repairs are predicated on a reliable assessment of the issue. 

Give Crosstown a call for more information about our inspection services. 

10-Year Builder’s Warranty

The 10-year anniversary of a build is an important milestone. Make sure your celebrations are not short-lived. Consult with a structural engineer to discuss a builder’s structural warranty inspection prior to that important date. Once the warranty runs out, you are obligated to pay for any relevant structural problems in the property that would have otherwise been covered by the builder’s warranty. 

Foundation Inspection by Structural Engineers

Pier and Beam Foundation Experts

Your West Oak Hill home or commercial premises may have been built upon a pier and beam foundation. This technique is an alternative to concrete slab and results in the home/building being elevated off the ground. If there is a crawlspace underneath a building in West Oak Hill, a pier and beam foundation was most likely used. Crosstown Engineering can perform a full inspection of your pier and beam foundation. 

Wear and tear can impact the structural integrity of a pier and beam foundation. Wood rot can result from water intrusion due to ineffective drainage. However, termites are also often responsible for compromising wooden supporting structures. The objective of an inspection carried out by a structural engineer is to identify the root cause of problems and recommend solutions based on a detailed report. 

West Oak Hill home or business owners who are concerned about structural issues with pier and beam foundations should reach out to Crosstown Engineering today. 

Oversight of Foundation Repairs 

Foundation Repair Plans 

Having all the facts when seeking a construction permit and hiring a contractor is essential. At Crosstown Engineering, we are committed to providing our customers with all the support that they need. Our foundation repair plans are designed in such a way that you do not have to provide further explanation about any identified issues. We can also connect customers to reputable contractors that service the West Oak Hill area. 

Proper oversight of foundation repairs is essential. A structural engineer can provide third-party services to ensure that repairs remain consistent with recommendations. A final inspection before the home or business owner signs off on work is also a service available from Crosstown Engineering.

Foundation repairs should only be carried out by a reputable contractor. Your home or business premises are at risk otherwise. 

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Structural Inspection Experts Serving West Oak Hill

Crosstown Engineering specialists are licensed professionals. We have broad expertise that allows our team to provide inspections for any kind of residential or commercial property. Reach out to our offices if you have any questions about structural engineering or foundation inspections.