Our home experts can inspect your attic and provide you a plan of action if issues are discovered.

San Marcos Attic Inspection Professionals

A lot can happen in a San Marcos attic, especially with the heat and humidity that occurs in the state of Texas. By definition, an attic is an indoor space under the roof, but above the top floor of the house. Sometimes it is just an empty space; other times it is finished off and utilized as a living space within the home. However it is utilized, an attic can tell you a lot about what is going on within a home or building and its condition.

What is an attic inspection?

Unfortunately, many Texas homeowners are unaware that they should receive an attic inspection on a regular basis – preferably yearly. Crosstown Engineering aims to educate our local San Marcos homeowners on why attic inspections should become a regular home maintenance routine.

During a San Marcos attic inspection, an engineer will come to your home to perform a comprehensive analysis of your home’s air quality and energy efficiency. This includes:

  • Checking vents – ensuring vents are free of any obstructions and are placed properly for air exchange
  • Check for pests and rodents – Texas homes come with Texas problems. An attic inspection professional in San Marcos will perform an analysis to see if there is any damaged insulation, rodent droppings, or damage to materials stored in the attic
  • Inspect air quality – during an attic inspection, a structured engineer will be looking to see whether there is a sufficient amount of insulation within an attic, as well as whether the insulation is in good standing. Poorly insulated attics will always get hotter in the summer months and colder in the winter months.

After an inspection, your engineer should go over with you the results of the finds whether that be any damaged or poorly-sealed vents, air ducts, insufficient or improperly installed insulation, or damage from rodents within your attic space.

Crosstown Engineering can provide you with a detailed analysis of what’s going on within your attic. Reach out to our attic inspection professionals for more information and to schedule an appointment for an attic inspection in San Marcos.