Our structural engineers lead foundation repair projects from foundation evaluation to the engineering report.

Structural Engineering Experts for San Antonio

Structural Engineers Ensure Building Integrity
Foundation – Load-Bearing Wall – Attic – Roof 

Structural integrity is the ability of an entire building, including all its components, to hold together under a load. Structural integrity is compromised when a building’s components shift, move, bend, crack, fracture, or otherwise give way and weaken the overall structure. If enough structural integrity is lost, the building could collapse. 

Support for a structure’s foundation and attic/roof support are two areas that are vital to a building’s overall structural integrity. When any problem presents in these areas, they should immediately be evaluated by a structural engineer. The safety and livability of the structure could be at stake. 

When Attics and Roofs Develop Structural Problems

It is not uncommon for the roof or attic of a building in Texas to sustain damage after a tornado or other major storm. Falling trees, wind or blowing debris can cause damage that may not be immediately visible. When a storm hits and you suspect damage, or it is obvious that a large piece of debris has impacted the roof, you should contact a structural engineer for an assessment. As part of his or her assessment, the structural engineer may also offer their opinion on solutions to restore the integrity of the structure.

Structural engineers from Crosstown Engineering are also pleased to offer their professional estimate on damage to roofs and siding caused by hail. This verification can be important for insurance claim purposes.  

Load-Bearing Wall Removal

A common issue with home or commercial building remodeling projects in San Antonio is when owners or designers wish to remove a wall that is integral to the entire structure. These are known as load-bearing walls. While they can be removed, certain steps must be followed, and other support must be installed. Load-bearing walls are vital to structural integrity and should only be modified under the guidance and oversight of a structural engineer

Foundation Inspections

The foundation is the critical component of any structure. Therefore, when there is any evidence of movement or damage, you need a foundation inspection. Crosstown Engineering specializes in reliable foundation inspections. A simple home inspector does not have the proper training to diagnose the potential causes of your foundation problems. Crosstown Engineering foundation inspections provide a thorough assessment of the problem, plus recommendations for successful remediation.

Structural Inspection Before Your Home’s 10-Year Builder’s Warranty Expires

It is important to schedule a structural warranty inspection before the 10-year anniversary date of your home’s construction. The warranty likely expires after 10 years, so if any issues have developed, an inspection can discover them before the warranty period runs out. A structural engineer must perform these inspections for them to be considered valid. If you are reaching the 10-year anniversary of the construction of your home, call Crosstown Engineering for an inspection at least two or three months before your anniversary date.  

Choose Only Structural Engineers for Your Foundation Inspection

Pier-and-Beam Foundations

Pier-and-beam foundations, where the foundation piers lift the structure above a crawlspace, are commonplace throughout San Antonio, Texas. They are much more popular and are considered to be superior to a simple concrete slab foundation. Crosstown Engineering is unique in that our engineers always crawl through the whole crawlspace area if it is reachable. This is the only way to perform a thorough visual inspection for an accurate assessment.  

Because pier-and-beam foundation systems feature wooden beams underneath the structure, problems with rotting wood are common. Our inspection engineers look at every beam closely for signs of rot or deterioration. Another common problem with these foundations is termites. The most common issue that causes deterioration in pier-and-beam foundations is moisture intrusion from poor drainage. Regardless of what has caused your foundation to shift or deteriorate, a detailed report from Crosstown Engineering always includes sound recommendations for repairs. 

If you are concerned about your foundation, contact Crosstown Engineering to schedule an inspection.

Overseeing Foundation Repairs 

Following Foundation Repair Plans

If any repair recommendations accompanied your foundation inspection report, they should be carried out as soon as possible. Before that repair can be done, you will need engineered foundation repair plans for submission when applying for your construction permit. We are also pleased to recommend dependable foundation repair contractors to perform your repairs. 

A vital factor of foundation repairs is the professional services of a structural engineer to oversee the repairs. The engineer does not perform the repairs, but he or she serves as an independent third-party to verify repairs are being carried out according to the engineered repair plans. Once repairs are completed, a final foundation inspection should be performed by a structural engineer to verify that the work was completed as per plans. 

Crosstown Engineering provides expert structural engineers to oversee foundation repair projects. Contact us when you are having foundation repairs performed in San Antonio. 

Experts in San Antonio Structural Inspection 

Structural engineers from Crosstown Engineering can perform inspections in a variety of settings, including residential, commercial, industrial, and multi-family. Our engineers hold professional licensing, which holds them accountable to high standards of integrity. That means, unlike many other foundation services companies, you can depend on our inspections and repair plans.  

Contact Crosstown Engineering today if you have concerns about your building’s foundation, drainage, or other structural problems.