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We go above and beyond! 

Our standard inspection includes these add-on services:

  • Infrared Analysis
  • Detailed foundation elevation map

Crosstown provides a value-driven inspection by adding these additional services to each standard inspection. No other company provides these services in their base package. 

High-value reporting is one of the reasons we are the highest rated and most reviewed inspection firm in Texas. 

  • 5 year of consecutive Angie’s List Super Service Awards
  • 6 years as the Top-Rated firm on Home Advisor
  • Over 300 5-Star Reviews on Google

We are passionate about our services! Learn more about our approach to home inspection below. 

How Does a Home Inspection Protect a Richardson Homebuyer?

What to Expect from a Crosstown Home Inspection

If you believe that passing a home inspection is an important prerequisite to buying a new property, make sure those wishes are in the purchase agreement. The security of knowing the risk of running into issues stemming from structural defects is reassuring. The alternative is footing the cost of repairs that existed before you took the keys for the property. 

In the technological age, home and business owners should have access to well-trained home inspectors. At Crosstown Engineering, our reports are based on a comprehensive approach that details all the information you need. We also practice a policy of open communication with customers, so you always have answers to questions related to your inspection report. 

Our home inspectors are members of the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). We are fully adherent to the Texas Standards of Practice, providing guarantees of efficiency and thoroughness. The following components are included in every home inspection:

  •     Full foundation inspection (including pier-and-beam crawl where access is available)
  •     External & internal roof & attic inspection
  •     Grading, drainage & guttering 
  •     Exterior & interior wall inspection
  •     HVAC checkup
  •     Electrical panel, branch circuits & outlets 
  •     Plumbing supply inspection
  •     Plumbing fixtures inspection
  •     Kitchen appliances
  •     Drainage & lawn sprinklers
  •     Gas supply safety inspection
  •     Pools & equipment (additional fee may apply)

Many Richardson, Texas home inspectors only work to the Standards of Practice. At Crosstown Engineering, we believe that customers deserve more. If there are problems with electrical, plumbing or HVAC systems, we can use thermal imaging to identify the problem and recommend repair options. 

Benefits of Infrared Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections

Why We Invest in Infrared Technology for Our Inspectors

Infrared Certified® inspectors play a pivotal role in detecting problems that are not easily spotted during a visual inspection. Crosstown Engineering customers appreciate the advantages of using infrared technologies to improve the inspection process. 

Here are just some of the issues that are picked up when using infrared technology in home inspections:

Energy or Heat Loss

  •     Doors & windows
  •     Ceilings & walls
  •     Ineffective AC
  •     Damaged window seals

Leaks or Moisture Intrusion

  •     Loose or damaged plumbing fixtures
  •     Leaking roof
  •     Inadequate or wet insulation
  •     Foundational moisture intrusion
  •     Other water intrusion issues

Other Serious Issues

  •     Dangerous electrical wires or components 
  •     Termite intrusion
  •     Rodent intrusion
  •     Carbon monoxide risks

Call Crosstown Engineering to schedule a TREC home inspection if any of these issues are a concern.

How to Select the Best Home Inspection Company in Richardson

Real Estate Home Inspection Standards

It is important to ask questions when you hire a home inspection professional. Here is a general guideline to help you make the right choice. 

  1.     Is the inspector TREC trained?
  2.     Does the inspector hold certification from the InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)?
  3.     Will the inspector conduct a Wood-Destroying Insect (WDI) inspection?
  4.     Is infrared technology used to enhance detection of defects?
  5.     What is the inspector’s level of training and knowledge in foundation construction?
  6.     Is a full crawl space inspection included for pier and beam foundations? 
  7.     Does inspection include a roof walk and attic crawl? 
  8.     Is gas leak detection included in the report?
  9.     Does the inspector provide photographic evidence of defects and other issues? 
  10.   Will the inspector talk you through any identified problems to provide clarity? 

Homebuyers and homeowners rely on Crosstown Engineering to answer all these questions and more. Call today for your first experience of customer service excellence. 

Builder Warranty Inspections

Three Different Home Warranty Inspections 

If you have a 10-year home warranty that is still valid, take advantage before time runs out. This type of warranty differs from a real estate home inspection. The inspection may identify defects that occurred after construction, but the main object is to highlight defects that are linked to poor construction by the initial contractors.  

1-Year Home Warranty Inspection

As the name suggests, a 1-year warranty inspection must be conducted before the first anniversary of your home. This will allow you to resolve any disputes with contractors early. The warranty applies to both craftsmanship and quality of materials used in construction.  

2-Year Home Warranty Inspection

Inspection concerns for a 2-year home warranty inspection include electrical, AC and plumbing systems. The reason that 2 years is the milestone for this inspection relates to the progression of defects in these important utilities. Most problems do not manifest until the home is nearing the 2-year anniversary.

10-Year Home Warranty Inspection

Commonly known as a structural warranty inspection, the 10-year home inspection is essential before the clock runs out. You can wait it out until the 11th month of the final year or request an inspection when it is evident that there are structural issues in the home. A registered structural engineer is required to carry out this inspection. Areas such and foundations, walls and roofs are covered in the inspection report. 

Newly Constructed Homes Need Home Inspections

A new home in Richardson may look perfect to the average homeowner; however, hidden defects can shatter dreams. If an unlicensed or poorly trained contractor has worked on your home, you have no guarantees that the work meets expected standards. Crosstown Engineering can provide a detailed report that lists any issues, which you can then use to compel contractors to correct errors.

Other Types of Home Inspections

The takeaway here is that you may require a home inspection at any given time. These services are not solely for those buying or selling a home. Consider the following scenarios if you are concerned about the structural integrity of any area of your Richardson home.  

Why Sellers Should Have a Pre-listing Home Inspection

If you are selling a home in Richardson, there is a reasonable expectation that any potential buyers will request an inspection. Any errors that are identified could impact price negotiations, but it is also important to consider delays related to having repairs carried out.  

Termite Inspections 

Wood destroying insects are a plague upon homeowners. Termites are the usual suspects when it comes to destroying integral wooden structures of Richardson homes. Many home inspectors do not include a Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspection as standard. At Crosstown Engineering, we understand the risk that insect infestations pose and the necessity to include this type of inspection as a third-party service. 

Pool Inspections

Pool Inspections are not a common skill found in a Home Inspector but in our opinion, its important!  Our inspectors have been taught how to inspect pools and spas in compliance with the state SOP.  Our inspectors have completed 40 hours of pool inspection training and have been certified INTERNACHI and have the experience to help you identify issues with your pool.

Septic System Inspections

A septic inspection should be completed by someone with a certification so that the lenders will respect and recognize the analysis.  Also, if your inspector doesn’t dig to open the lid, they are useless!  Our inspectors have attained the highest and most comprehensive onsite sewage treatment system courses covering the terminology, treatment, tanks, construction methods, field application and has demonstrated excellence in the field.  The National Association of Wastewater Technicians has certified your inspector.

Crosstown Engineering – Home Inspection Experts

Richardson Real Estate and Structural Home Inspections

If you need a home inspector with advanced training and experience, reach out to Crosstown Engineering today. Every member of our field team is TREC and InterNACHI certified. We also provide 120 hours of foundation inspection training to all our home inspections!