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Every Crosstown inspection includes:

  • Infrared Analysis
  • Detailed foundation elevation map

We are the only inspection company to provide this type of value!

Crosstown not only provides the greatest value with each inspection but we are also the highest rated inspection company in Texas with more than 1,000 online reviews!  We are the only firm with:

  • 5 Angies List Super Service Awards
  • 6 years as the Top-Rated firm on Home Advisor
  • Over 300 5-Star Reviews on Google. 

We are passionate about our services! Learn more about our approach to home inspection below. 

Homeowners, Protect Yourself with a Home Inspection

Crosstown Engineering Home Inspections in Grapevine

Contemporary home purchase agreements typically require that the home up for sale pass a home inspection before the purchase agreement can be executed. This is wise, because home inspections protect prospective Grapevine, Texas homeowners from unexpected costs stemming from undiscovered problems with the home. Home inspections also provide additional negotiation leverage for homebuyers.

Crosstown Engineering performs the most up-to-date, thorough technology-supported, and value-driven home inspections available in Grapevine. Our clients receive a detailed report of the findings, and our inspectors are happy to answer your questions about any items discovered that need attention. Many home inspectors do not take the time for such personal service to their clients. 

Home inspectors from Crosstown Engineering are certified by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), and perform industry-leading inspections that meet or exceed the Texas Standards of Practice for home inspections. Our home inspections include: 

  •     Electrical system, including outlets
  •     Foundations & crawlspaces 
  •     Gas supply system
  •     Grading, Guttering & Drainage 
  •     HVAC system
  •     Kitchen appliances
  •     Lawn sprinkler system
  •     Plumbing system, including fixtures 
  •     Roof & attic 
  •     Walls (Interior & Exterior) 
  •     Water supply system
  •     And many other items 
  •     (Pools & related equipment may require an additional fee)

The professional home inspectors from Crosstown Engineering utilize the latest in Infrared thermal imaging technology to inspect HVAC components, plumbing pipes and fixtures, walls, and even hidden electrical system components. These special cameras detect issues that are not visible to the naked eye, but may result in major problems later on. 

Superior Home Inspections with Thermal Imaging

Infrared Technology – A Worthwhile Investment for our Clients 

 Infrared thermal imaging technology provides strategic advantages for our home inspection clients. This is why Crosstown Engineering requires our inspectors to become Infrared Certified® by completing at least 40 hours of specialized training. Not all Grapevine home inspectors are willing to invest the time and costs necessary for this advanced technology.

Far from just detecting heat loss, modern infrared thermal imaging technology can detect problems or potential issues with: 

  •     Energy loss (or air movement that causes a loss of heat) around windows, doors, walls, HVAC components and even broken seals in thermal pane windows. 
  •     Leaks or moisture intrusion from hidden plumbing components, fixtures, roofs, around the foundation and at other possible water intrusion locations. 
  •     Overheating electrical connections or components that indicate a pending failure. 
  •     The presence of rodents or termites.
  •     The existence and location of possibly hazardous gas leaks.

Crosstown Engineering home inspectors are happy to answer your questions about infrared thermal imaging technology and how we use it to produce the most complete home inspections available. Call us to learn more or to schedule your TREC home inspection. 

Selecting a Quality Home Inspection Firm 

Real Estate Home Inspection Standards

In order to choose the best quality Grapevine home inspection firm, ask yourself the following questions: 

  1.     Has the firm completed TREC home inspection training?
  2.     Has the firm been certified by InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)?
  3.     Does the firm include a Wood-Destroying Insect (WDI) report in their inspections?
  4.     Does the firm utilize infrared thermal imaging technology to discover hidden or potential problems?
  5.     How much experience do the firm’s inspectors have in engineering or construction?
  6.     Have the firm’s inspectors been trained in foundation issues by a structural engineer?
  7.     Do they crawl throughout the pier-and-beam components of the foundation? 
  8.     Do they assess the roof by actually walking on it? 
  9.     Do they check for gas leaks?
  10. Do they provide photos to support their findings?
  11. Do they verbally review the findings of the report and answer your questions?

Crosstown Engineering home inspections feature all these benefits and more. Call us today to schedule your Grapevine home inspection. 

We Perform Builder Warranty Inspections

Grapevine Home Warranty Inspections

Home warranty inspections differ from a standard home inspection. These inspections are carried out on homes with a warranty that are under 10-years-old. Most contractors warranty a new home build for 10 years. Builder warranty inspections can discover problems or potential problems that stem from errors by the contractor during construction. Any problems that are discovered must then be fixed by the building contractor. 

First-Year Home Warranty Inspection

Schedule this inspection around the 10th-11th month after completion of the home, but before the first-year anniversary. Any problems discovered are likely due to defects in materials or workmanship, and need to be corrected by the building contractor. 

Second-Year Home Warranty Inspection

Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems typically have a two-year warranty, so you want to schedule this inspection prior to your two-year anniversary of purchasing the home. Some issues that can develop with these systems take longer than a year to become evident, so this is a good opportunity to examine them before the warranty period ends.

10-Year Home Warranty Inspection

This inspection is primarily a structural inspection and is concerned with the foundation and any related problems. It must be carried out by a trained and licensed structural engineer, and not simply a home inspector. Any movement or issues with the foundation will be detected and corrective measures will be suggested.  

Crosstown Engineering performs these warranty inspections to ensure that your home is structurally sound and safe for occupancy. If any defects are revealed, you will receive a detailed report that you can then use when working with your home builder to make repairs.  

Does My Newly Built Home Need a Home Inspection? 

Due to the fact that Texas home builders are not required to be licensed, some may not follow the best construction practices or use the best materials. They may cut corners on quality to save money. A home inspection can uncover poor workmanship or costly mistakes that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. Crosstown Engineering’s Grapevine home inspectors can catch issues that the city building inspector may even miss. 

Other Types of Home Inspections

Buying a new or existing home should always include a home inspection, but there are a couple of other situations where you might want to request a professional home inspection.

Sellers Benefit from a Pre-listing Home Inspection

By contracting with Crosstown Engineering for a home inspection prior to listing your home, you can discover any issues that may need attention early, eliminating the possibilities that they will come to light later during sale negotiations. Plus, since no issues will need fixing later, this cuts down on the chances of delays in finalizing the sale. 

Termite Inspections 

Crosstown Engineering includes a Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspection report as a normal part of our services. Our unbiased opinion concerning the nature and level of infestation can be a valuable tool when negotiating with a pest control company for services. If you have been told you have a termite infestation, or you suspect one, call us to schedule a Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection for your Grapevine home. 

Pool Inspections

Pool Inspections are not a common skill found in a Home Inspector but in our opinion, its important!  Our inspectors have been taught how to inspect pools and spas in compliance with the state SOP.  Our inspectors have completed 40 hours of pool inspection training and have been certified INTERNACHI and have the experience to help you identify issues with your pool.

Septic System Inspections

A septic inspection should be completed by someone with a certification so that the lenders will respect and recognize the analysis.  Also, if your inspector doesn’t dig to open the lid, they are useless!  Our inspectors have attained the highest and most comprehensive onsite sewage treatment system courses covering the terminology, treatment, tanks, construction methods, field application and has demonstrated excellence in the field.  The National Association of Wastewater Technicians has certified your inspector.

Your Grapevine Home Inspection Expert Company

We Perform Reliable Real Estate and Structural Home Inspections

Crosstown Engineering home inspectors are some of the most extensively trained and experienced in all the state of Texas. All are TREC and InterNACHI certified, and have had 120 hours of training in foundation inspection from our drainage and structural engineers. For the most complete home inspection report available in the Grapevine area, contact Crosstown Engineering to schedule your home inspection.