Our experts will help you protect the structural integrity of your home.

Load Bearing Wall Experts in Georgetown

All homes are not built the same, just like all walls are not built equally. The walls of a residential home or commercial building do more than only separate and divide rooms. Certain walls add additional structure to your home and are essential to keep the structure upright. These are called load-bearing walls.

Are Load-Bearing Walls Necessary?

Yes! Load-bearing walls help to keep the structure of your home, and the walls, from caving in on themselves. By removing a load-bearing wall from your Georgetown home without having an engineer or expert provide an accurate or professional input, you could completely compromise the structural integrity of your home or building.

In order for one of these walls to be removed there is a strict process:

  1. Temporary walls must be installed on either side of the original wall to support the load from the ceiling
  2. A structural beam, selected by a structural engineer and load-bearing professional, will need to be installed to ensure it can support the same amount of weight
  3. Once the beam is installed, many tests and analyses provided by a structural engineer will occur to ensure the load weight is secure and safe

If you’re looking to have home renovations completed, you’ll need a structural engineer to come out and complete a load-bearing wall assessment. In addition, if you need any approval for construction permitting or a record of any load-bearing wall modifications, let us know. Contact Crosstown Engineering in Georgetown for one of our load-bearing experts to come out and provide an analysis.