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Fulshear Foundation Repair Experts

Signs That Your Fulshear Foundation Needs Repair

When to Schedule a Foundation Inspection

The problems that affect your foundations can impact structural integrity. The roof, plumbing, and supporting walls are just some of the areas that could suffer. Understanding the red flags when it comes to foundation damage is essential. The following are common issues to look out for in any residential or commercial property:

  • Unlevel ground floor
  • Warped ground floor
  • Multiple tile cracks
  • Spalling in concrete
  • Foundation cracks
  • Exterior brickwork cracks
  • Cracks in ceilings or drywall
  • Doors that open or close without assistance
  • Jamming or difficult to shut doors
  • Gaps in floors
  • Windows that are not straight
  • Crooked cabinets

A foundation that appears damaged does not necessarily need repairs. If the integrity of supporting soil is sound, monitoring is often enough to guarantee structural integrity. If you have any concerns, hiring a structural engineer is the recommended course of action.

Hiring a Foundation Inspection Company in Fulshear, TX

Why Choose a Structural Engineer for Foundation Repair Inspections?

When hiring a contractor to carry out a foundation inspection, the service may be available for free if the contractor also offers repair services. At Crosstown Engineering, we have worked with countless customers who have fallen foul of this apparent money saving gesture. If the foundation inspection results in you paying repair costs to the same company, there is a potential conflict of interest. It is for this reason that we advise customers to use separate firms for foundation inspections and foundation repairs.

As a third-party contractor, we have no vested interest in highlighting repair needs that do not exist. There are also several other benefits of choosing our services, including: 

  • We do not profit from the discovery of repair needs
  • All our engineers are highly trained, experienced and held to account by the Board of Engineers for the work we do
  • Addressing the root cause of foundational problems is the primary task of a structural engineer, before recommending effective repair solutions
  • All foundation repair plans are comprehensive and quality assured
  • Crosstown Engineering can provide repair inspections during and upon completion of work
  • A structural engineer’s input is a valuable asset when selling a property
  • Structural engineers use of a manometer (ziplevel), which is more accurate than a typical contractor’s level
  • Extensive experience in determining the need for a leak detection test
  • The ability to recommend several suitable repair options
  • Expert inspection of pier and beam foundations
  • Complete and thorough crawl space inspection on pier and beam foundations
  • Provides recommendations for reputable repair contractors when necessary
  • We can provide a signed foundation report for mortgage purposes

Crosstown Engineering hires and trains structural engineers who are passionate about delivering cost-effective repair options. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to identify the underlying causes of damaged or compromised foundations. 

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Selecting the Right Foundation Repair Contractor

Signs of a Reputable Contractor

Our experience at Crosstown Engineering includes working with reputable Fulshear foundation repair companies. When foundation repairs are needed, we can provide customers with a list of foundation repair companies that deliver quality workmanship. Our recommendations are based on the following qualities: 

  • The company is fully cooperative with engineering oversight
  • Work is covered by a foundation repair warranty
  • They have longevity that you can count on in the future
  • The company is financially solvent and can deliver all repair options
  • They have worked with local structural engineers and come with recommendations
  • They have all stages of projects checked by a reputable engineering company

Different Foundation Repair Methods

Understanding Foundation Repair Pros and Cons

In the broadest sense, foundation repair covers two areas: Stabilizing the foundation so that movement is prevented, and reorientation of the foundation to its original position through leveling methods. How repairs are approached will depend on the root cause of the issues affecting the foundation. 

Pressed Piles

Pressed piles are a cost-effective technique in foundation repair. This method allows for adjustability, which facilitates a limited level of continued soil movement. There is a higher warranty rate associated with pressed piles. However, this is offset by the cost-effectiveness of the solution. 

Steel Pipe Piles

Steel pipes will cost considerably more than pressed piles. You also lose the benefit of downward movement allowance. Soil shrinkage may result in high points developing, which will require adjustments to reposition the foundation. In some cases, only the original contractor can make adjustments due to the use of specialized systems. 

Drilled Piers

Drilled piers work well when weakened slabs need to be reinforced. This solution is suitable for multiple soil types but does have limitations. Using drilled piers is not an option for interior support due to the specialized equipment involved. This is an expensive solution and the drilled piers are not repairable should they fail. 

Spread Footings/Block and Base

The block and base repair system is appropriate for pier and beam foundations. Providing additional support to timber beams is the main objective of this method. However, there are potential risks if the system is not measured or installed correctly. Moisture intrusion is also a possible downside of block and base as an option. 

Foam Injection

Older Fulshear area homes may benefit from a foam injection technique. This specialized method should only be carried out by a reputable and experienced contractor. The technique is minimally invasive and suitable for interior slab lifting. Foam injection is a quick fix in many ways and is not recommended as a permanent solution for reinforcing concrete slab. 

Mud Jacking

Mud jacking is not a suitable option for lifting the slab foundation of a home. The technique is used to fill voids and does not facilitate precision control of mud flow. 

Why Do Some Foundation Repairs Fail?

Understanding Foundation Maintenance Systems

There are four primary causes of foundation failure after repairs have been completed. 

  1.     A poorly engineered repair plan from the onset
  2.     The repair contractor failed to adhere to the foundation repair plan
  3.     A foundation inspection was not carried out after work was completed
  4.     Lack of maintenance and testing after work was completed

All of these issues can be avoided with inspections completed by a structural engineer. A repair plan and proper oversight are essential throughout the project. However, testing and maintenance requirements are tasked to the property owner in adherence to direction from the structural engineer. 

Crosstown Engineering – Local Fulshear Foundation Repair Experts

Hire a Structural Engineer for Foundation Repair Recommendations

Before you pay a contractor to complete foundation repairs, consult with the specialists from Crosstown Engineering. We can recommend cost-effective and long lasting solutions in Fulshear, Texas.