Our structural engineers lead foundation repair projects from foundation evaluation to the engineering report.

Structural Engineering Experts of Euless

Do You Need a Structural Engineer?

When to Seek the Services of a Structural Engineer 

Any project that includes the construction or repair of critical support elements in a building can benefit from a structural engineer’s scientific knowledge and background. Construction best practices have been developed based on solid engineering principles. It can be a costly mistake to assume a contractor understands and adheres to these engineering principles. This is especially true in Euless, Texas where general contractors and foundation repair contractors aren’t required to be licensed. Hiring a licensed structural engineer to oversee new construction, renovations, and foundation repairs can provide an extra layer of security to a property owner. 

Assessment of Storm Damage

A structural engineer’s professional opinion can be extremely valuable when your home or business has suffered damage from a storm. An engineer acts as an independent third-party that can verify whether the damage is storm-related or not. They can also offer an opinion on whether a building is safe to inhabit after storm damage and what remediation efforts might be needed. 

Euless property owners often call upon Crosstown Engineering after hailstorms, tornadoes, and other major storms that damage structures. 

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Structural Issues in Renovations

If you’ve watched any of the home renovation televisions shows, you know that costly surprises sometimes appear after the demo starts. Sometimes a wall they want to remove is a load-bearing wall. That means the wall is a critical structural component of the home. It is helping to bear the weight of the structure built above it. This means another type of structural support needs to replace the wall after it is removed. Generally, this is a support beam that is engineered to carry the load. 

Another scenario often uncovered is structural components that have been compromised in some way and need to be replaced. If you want the assurance that your renovations are structurally sound, request the opinion of a licensed structural engineer. Don’t depend on the advice of an unlicensed contractor in these situations. Get the professional assurance of a highly-trained and experienced structural engineer.   

Foundation Inspections on New and Existing Homes

The foundation of a building is critical to its structural integrity. The soil conditions and climate in Euless can take a toll on your home’s foundation. One of the best protections against future foundation issues is to have the foundation of your new home inspected by a structural engineer during and upon completion of the build. An engineer can verify that the contractor followed the foundation plan as specified. 

On older Euless homes, a foundation inspection is often requested prior to the purchase or refinancing of a home. Most lenders require this inspection be done by a structural engineer. One of the most common situations where a foundation inspection is requested is when there are signs of foundation issues in the home. These can include humps in the floor, cracking in drywall or exterior brick, or musty odors in the crawlspace, among others. 

Prior to Builder’s Warranty Expiration

Many contractors provide a 10-year structural warranty on the homes they build. If there are structural issues that are related to the initial design or construction of the home, the warranty assures the homeowner that the contractor will correct those issues anytime within that 10-year period. To make a claim against that warranty, the homeowner must hire a structural engineer to inspect the home and provide a report identifying any issues found relating to structural integrity. 

For structural and foundation inspections by a licensed structural engineer in any of these situations, call on Crosstown Engineering for an opinion you can trust.

Pier-and-Beam Inspections by Structural Engineers

Foundation Inspection Experts

It is a simple thing to determine if your Euless home was built on a concrete slab or a pier-and-beam foundation. If your home has a crawlspace, then your foundation is the pier-and-beam type. At Crosstown Engineering, we inspect both slab and pier-and-beam foundations, but we take special pride in our thoroughness in the latter. We won’t settle for examining only a portion of the crawlspace (and you shouldn’t either). We take the time to visually inspect each pier and each beam in the foundation by crawling through the entire space.

There are several issues to look for in a pier-and-beam inspection. Termite infestation or the effects of high moisture content in the soil can compromise the wood components. We will inspect the interior and exterior of your home for signs of foundation movement and soil saturation. Our goal is always to seek out all the factors that may be affecting the stability of your foundation. We will provide a full report of our findings and recommendations. No one takes more pride in their work than we do.

Engineered Foundation Repair Plans 

Professional Oversight of Repairs

In some situations, our foundation inspection reports will recommend that your foundation be monitored for a period of time rather than taking immediate repair actions. More often than not, our inspection report will recommend some type of remediation. When remediation is recommended, Crosstown Engineering can also prepare your engineered remediation plan. These engineered plans will be required when requesting a construction permit for foundation repairs.

Since Crosstown Engineering does not perform foundation repair work, you will need to hire an independent contractor to do the work. If you would like recommendations of reputable contractors, we can offer you our list of preferred foundation contractors. Whether you hire someone from our list or a contractor of your own preference, we encourage you to engage our services for oversight. Even with the most detailed plans, contractors can make costly mistakes in foundation repairs. Oversight by a structural engineer assures you that the repairs were carried out as intended.

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Structural Inspection Experts in Euless

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