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Cedar Park Foundation Repair

How Do You Know If Your Foundation Needs Repair?

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It is no cliché that problems with your home or building’s foundation are foundational; they affect literally everything else. Since your structure rests on a foundation, any problems with that foundation transfer throughout the entire structure. You have likely witnessed this with doors or windows that do not close properly, roof leaks and even wall cracks. However, it is just as important to realize that these problems, and others, may or may not be caused by an issue with the foundation. 

The following are possible signs of foundation movement: 

  • Concrete spalling
  • Cracks in concrete foundation
  • Cracks in exterior brick
  • Crooked cabinets
  • Doors and windows sticking
  • Drywall and ceiling cracking/separations
  • Humps in the floor
  • Long tile cracks (over more than a single tile) 
  • Sagging porches 
  • Unlevel floors
  • Unlevel windows

 Sometimes it is best to simply monitor the foundation for additional movement over time, and not make immediate repairs. Crosstown Engineering can perform a Level B foundation inspection and make appropriate recommendations. Because we do not perform foundation repairs ourselves, you can depend on our unbiased, independent opinion of your foundation’s condition and any needed repairs.

Hiring a Cedar Park Foundation Inspection Firm

Do I Need a Structural Engineer for Foundation Inspections?

If you want the security of an independent, third party, professional inspection, then the answer to the question above is YES. Beware of foundation repair companies in Cedar Park that offer “free” foundation inspections. If they perform both inspections and repairs, they have a vested interest in finding problems for them to repair. This is a serious conflict of interest that should be avoided. Always contract two separate companies to inspect and then make any needed repairs to your foundation. 

Crosstown Engineering performs superior quality, independent third-party foundation inspections in which you can have total confidence. We do not recommend unnecessary repairs. Why else should you call Crosstown Engineering for a foundation inspection? 

  • We do not profit from recommending repairs. 
  • Our structural engineers are held accountable to the Board of Engineers.
  • We are highly-trained in engineering science.
  • We will find a solution to the cause of the foundation problems, and not simply advise repair. 
  • We guarantee that the foundation repair plan will be properly engineered. 
  • We can also inspect repairs to confirm they were done correctly. 
  • A structural engineer’s report carries weight when selling a home. 
  • We can determine if a Leak Detection Test is needed.
  • We can offer opinions on multiple repair options.
  • We have extensive experience with pier-and-beam foundations. 
  • We will crawl the space under the home as part of the inspection. 
  • We recommend only the most reputable foundation repair contractors. 
  • We can provide a foundation report signed by an engineer, which may be required by some mortgage companies. 

 A structural engineer from Crosstown Engineering has the training and tools necessary to determine any degree of foundation movement, the likely causes of the movement and recommended remediation protocols that are properly engineered and cost-effective.

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Choosing the Best Foundation Repair Company

Look for a Reputable Contractor Around Cedar Park, TX

Crosstown Engineering is familiar with many of the foundation repair companies in and around Cedar Park. We have also examined foundation repairs that have failed inspection after completion. We are pleased to recommend only the most consistent, reliable and quality foundation repair companies. A reputable foundation repair company should fit the following descriptions:

  • Engineer oversight is welcomed by the repair contractor. 
  • They offer and stand by a foundation repair warranty.
  • They have been in business for a long time, and look to continue in the future. 
  • They are financially solvent.
  • They do not offer discounted repairs to lure customers. 
  • They are regularly recommended by other local structural engineers.
  • They have experience with the type of repairs needed.
  • They always have a reliable, honest engineering company check their work for quality.

Understanding Foundation Repair Methods

The Pros and Cons of Foundation Repair 

The type of foundation and what has caused the foundation to move or deteriorate are vital factors to consider when determining which repair method should be used. The two primary goals in foundation repair are to prevent further movement and restore the foundation to its original position. 

Some of the most common foundation repair techniques for Cedar Park homes include: 

Foam Injection

Brittle and/or unreinforced concrete slabs like those found in many homes built in the 1960s that need only slight lifting can use foam injection as a solution. Always be sure to use an experienced foam injection provider to avoid problems. Foam injection is only used for interior lifting of the slab, not on the perimeter. This is a temporary solution, but it is not as invasive as interior pilings.

Spread Footings/Block and Base

This is used to add support to the wooden beams in pier-and-beam foundation systems. Accuracy with sizing and installing the new material is critical to avoid problems. Moisture can negatively impact block and base repairs.

Pressed Piles

Pressed piles is an economical and popular repair system used throughout Cedar Park, Texas. The piles are fully adjustable to allow for soil movement, which is a highly desirable trait. Pressed piles cannot be pressed as deep into the soil as steel, but it is still a strong, cost-effective solution. 

Steel Pipe Piles

Steel pipe piles can easily reach twice the cost of pressed piles, but they can be sunk lower into the ground. Once there, however, they do not allow any downward movement. If the soil under the building erodes over time, this can produce obvious high points. Sometimes these systems are installed by a special proprietary system, so only the original installation contractor can make adjustments. 

Drilled Piers

Drilled piers are a dependable perimeter pier solution for weak slabs. They are also well-suited to many soil types. However, drilled piers are not suitable for interior slab support, and they do cost significantly more than other options. Drilled piers cannot be repaired, only replaced, if problems arise.

Mud Jacking

Crosstown Engineering does not recommend mud jacking as a foundation slab lifting solution. 

What Causes a Foundation Repair to Fail?

The Need for Foundation Maintenance in Cedar Park

Foundation repairs do fail at times, typically for the following reasons: 

  1.     A poorly engineered foundation repair plan (usually made by someone other than a structural engineer). 
  2.     The foundation repair plan was not followed correctly. 
  3.     A structural engineer did not inspect the foundation upon completion of the repair.
  4.     Owner did not follow required testing and maintenance procedures after repairs were completed.

You can avoid the first three failure causes by hiring a reputable structural engineering firm to perform the initial inspection, craft a repair plan, and inspect the repairs when they are completed. The fourth cause falls under the responsibility of the property owner; however, he or she should have been informed about the testing and any needed maintenance by the engineer.

Crosstown Engineering is Your Local Cedar Park Foundation Repair Expert Team

Structural Engineers for Foundation Inspections and Repair Recommendations

Crosstown Engineering provides superior quality foundation inspections and recommendations for repair methods and contractors. You can be confident in our services and reputation for excellence. Call us today for your foundation inspection needs.