Our foundation repair engineers can identify foundation problems & provide an effective remediation plan.

Brushy Creek Foundation Repair Experts

Does Your Foundation Need Repair?

Know the Signs of Foundation Movement

Whether it is your existing home or a home you may purchase in Brushy Creek, it is important to recognize evidence of foundation issues. Only a foundation inspection can truly determine whether there has been foundation movement or not. The following may indicate foundation movement, but not always.  

  •     Floors that aren’t level
  •     Bulges in the floor
  •     Cracks across several tiles
  •     Concrete spalling
  •     Concrete foundation cracks
  •     Exterior brick cracking
  •     Drywall cracks or separation
  •     Doors that swing open on their own
  •     Doors that stick when closing
  •     Gaps in flooring
  •     Cabinets out of plumb

 Even if it is determined that any of the above signs were caused by foundation movement, foundation repair is not always needed. In some cases, our foundation inspection experts will recommend monitoring the slab for a period of time, instead of immediate repair. With a thorough, Level B foundation inspection, a professional opinion can be offered on which route to go – monitoring or repairs. All the foundation inspections provided through Crosstown Engineering are Level B inspections. Don’t settle for anything less.

A Foundation Inspection is the First Step

Who Should Perform Your Foundation Inspection?

When choosing a foundation inspector, give consideration to their amount of professional training and whether they present an unbiased opinion. A local Brushy Creek foundation repair company is not likely to provide an objective opinion on whether your foundation needs repair or not. By hiring one firm to do the inspection and another to do the repairs, you protect yourself from paying for repairs that may not be needed.

When it comes to training, a structural engineer should always be your choice for a foundation inspection. They have the training in forensic engineering that is needed to truly determine the cause of foundation movement and the severity of the damage. Knowing how to complete foundation repairs and knowing how to investigate the cause of the problem are two different skill sets. The foundation inspection experts at Crosstown Engineering are all structural engineers, highly trained in foundation inspection methods. There are a number of reasons to hire our structural engineers to perform your foundation inspection. 

  •     You get an unbiased opinion from an engineering firm. They will not profit from a recommendation to perform foundation repairs.
  •     Our structural engineers will provide you with a range of remediation options if more than one solution is available.
  •     You can rest assured that the foundation repair plan we provide is properly engineered for your foundation structure.
  •     We can perform a final inspection to confirm that the repairs were completed as designed.
  •     If you sell your home in the future, the opinion of a structural engineer will offer confidence to potential buyers.
  •     We use the best in technology, such as a manometer, for the highest level of accuracy.
  •     We know how to properly determine if a Leak Detection Test should be performed.
  •     Crosstown Engineering is an expert in pier and beam foundations.
  •     Our inspection will include a complete crawl-through of your crawlspace.
  •     We can provide a list of the best foundation repair companies in the area.
  •     The signature of a structural engineer on foundation inspection reports is often a requirement of mortgage companies.

 By hiring a structural engineering firm, you have the confidence that your foundation inspector has the property owner’s best interest in mind.

Choosing Your Foundation Repair Contractor in Brushy Creek

What to Look for in Your Contractor

Since foundation repair contractors are not required to be licensed in Brushy Creek or Texas, choosing a contractor can be challenging. Although we are not a foundation repair contractor, we have had oversight over several of the local contractors on our projects. As a result, we do maintain a list of foundation repair companies that we have found trustworthy and skilled in their craft and are happy to make recommendations. 

If you choose to seek out a repair contractor on your own, we recommend that you interview the contractor and ask them some of the following questions:

  •     Will you work with our structural engineer as an overseer of the project?
  •     Do you offer a foundation repair warranty?
  •     How long have you been in business under your current business name?
  •     Do you have local structural engineers who can recommend your work?
  •     How much experience do you have with the type of repairs required for this project?
  •     Do you have a structural engineer do a final inspection of your work?

 Be especially wary of contractors who provide estimates significantly lower than the competition. This can be an indication of financial instability or a company that doesn’t follow standard construction procedures. Call us if you would like some help choosing a reliable foundation repair contractor.

Different Foundation Repair Methods

Understanding Foundation Repair Pros and Cons

There are usually two goals in foundation repair – one is to prevent further movement of the foundation, and the other is to restore the foundation to its original position through leveling techniques, if possible. The type of foundation and the causes of the foundation movement or deterioration are key factors in determining which foundation repair method(s) to employ. Here are some of the most common foundation repair techniques.

Pressed Piles

This is one of the most economical and popular foundation repair systems used in this area of Texas. Besides affordability, pressed piles have the advantage of being adjustable and allowing for movement in the soil. They have a higher warranty-rate because they cannot be pressed as deep in the ground as steel.  However, because of the cost-feasibility of the solution, it is a strong option.

Steel Pipe Piles

Steel pipe piles can be double the cost of pressed piles. In addition, steel pipe piles do not allow for any downward movement. If the soil under the whole building shrinks, you can end up having high points over time where the steel pipe piles are located. Some systems cannot be adjusted by anyone except the company that installed them because of the specialized systems used – this can prove to be a limitation.

Drilled Piers

Drilled piers are a good perimeter pier solution for slabs that are weak. They also perform well in many types of soil. However, drilled piers cannot be used for interior support of a slab because of special limitations of equipment and do come with a significant price tag. If the drilled piers fail for any reason, they cannot be repaired. They must be completely replaced.

Spread Footings/Block and Base

These foundation repair systems are used for pier and beam foundations to add support to the wood beams. Again, proper sizing and installation are essential when using these foundation repair methods. Moisture can negatively affect block and base repairs.

Foam Injection

A good choice for interior slight lifts for brittle, unreinforced concrete slabs like those commonly found in many homes built in the 1960s. It is critical that you use an experienced foam injection provider, as improper applications can cause multiple problems. It should be used for interior lifting of the slab only, not on the perimeter of the slab. It is a temporary solution but is not as invasive as interior pilings.

Mud Jacking

At Crosstown Engineering, we do not recommend mud jacking as a lifting solution for a slab. This application is best used to simply fill a void. It can be difficult to control the flow of the mud with the accuracy needed for lifting a slab.

Why Do Some Foundation Repairs Fail?

Understanding Foundation Maintenance Systems 

There are really four primary reasons for foundation failure after repairs have been made 

  1. The foundation repair plan was not properly engineered, because a structural engineer was not involved in the oversight.
  2. The foundation repair company did not follow the foundation repair plan during construction.
  3. The foundation repair was not inspected by an engineer upon completion.
  4. Proper testing and maintenance were not performed following the completion of the repairs.

Numbers one through three can be avoided by hiring a structural engineering firm to perform the initial foundation inspection to create the repair plan and oversee the repairs and do a final inspection when the repairs are complete. Number four is up to the property owner, who should have been informed on the testing and maintenance required by the engineer.

Crosstown Engineering – Foundation Repair Experts

Hire a Structural Engineer for Foundation Repair Recommendations

Hiring Crosstown Engineering to do your foundation inspection and provide recommendations on repair methods and repair contractors will give you peace of mind. You will have the assurance that you received the right solution for your situation. 

Call us today with your questions about the symptoms of foundation movement that you have noticed.