Structural Engineering Dallas/Fort Worth Solutions

Crosstown Engineering’s structural approach starts with a foundation inspection and structural evaluation process. Our structural engineers and foundation repair specialists have extensive foundation and construction backgrounds that range from single-family home evaluation to large multi-family and commercial structure analysis.

You may be concerned about your new house, your older home or just wanting to ensure that the foundation repair contractor that you hired has prepared a good foundation repair for your home. Either way, we can help you navigate the muddy waters that can be foundation repair.

We specialize in all structural inspection services related to foundation repair including home foundation inspections, engineering reports and foundation repair plans.

Crosstown Engineering’s General Foundation Inspection Process:

  1. Inspect the building exterior and draw an exterior footprint of the structure.
  2. Identify problematic drainage areas and develop a reasonable drainage solution.
  3. Obtain floor elevation data.
  4. Identify patterns of cosmetic and structural damage in relation to the relative floor elevations.
  5. Inspect the crawlspace and identify areas in need of improvement (pier and beam only).
  6. Determine if foundation repairs are recommended and discuss with the homeowner.
  7. Prepare a signed/sealed Engineering Report and deliver it to the customer within *3 business days via e-mail (RUSH reports are available for a small fee).

Pier and Beam Inspections:

Crosstown Engineering crawls each and every pier and beam (when accessible) to attempt to gain a visual on the crawlspace wood members to identify any structural issues. We are passionate about pier-and-beam repair and provide a high-level engineering inspection.

Crosstown Structural Engineer Dallas and Ft Worth Specialties:

Structural Inspections

Crosstown Engineering does not offer attic inspections, load-bearing analysis or other structural design services at this time.