Sinkhole Repair – What are Sinkholes?

Sinkholes have become a rising problem for residents across the nation–particularly in the Tampa Bay area. Not only are sinkholes dangerous, they pose a considerable threat to your home and belongings. While sinkholes often seem to come out of nowhere, Crosstown Engineering offers some insight on how to prepare your property or determine if you are at risk.

What Causes Sinkholes?

Much of the southern United States in underlain by limestone–including the entire state of Florida and about 20% of Texas. These buried limestone units are weathered by acidic groundwater over time, resulting in cavities in the limestone surface. These depressions begin to fill with overlying soils, potentially reducing the bearing capacity and integrity of the zone of influence under a structure. In some cases, this will create a depression at the surface. In any case, a weakened soil zone may cause damage to any structure that rests upon it. Sometimes this is cause of the cracks homeowners observe on their home’s exterior or interior if their property lies atop a limestone karst formation.

Sinkhole Inspection & Activity Determination

Crosstown Engineering professionals have the training and expertise necessary to prepare subsidence investigation reports, perform visual sinkhole inspections, review the geology and hydrogeology of an area, and apply groundwater hydrologic fundamental analyses to determine whether or not damage to a structure has been caused by differential activity stemming from sinkhole activity. Homeowners, developers, loan officers and state agencies repeatedly call on us because we provide a professional, unbiased perspective on sinkhole investigation data and our visual observations.

Sinkhole Repair Plans & Cost Estimating

Crosstown Engineering provides accurate above and below ground sinkhole repair plans and estimates, including chemical grouting and compaction grouting plans and estimates. In addition, we prepare structural remediation underpinning plans and estimates, as well as cosmetic repair estimates using Xactimate or Symbility software. We prides ourselves on our ability to remain objective and neutral during the sinkhole opinion development process and are proud to serve the Department of Financial Services as a neutral evaluator.

Sinkhole Services

  • Subsidence Investigation Report Generation
  • Standard Penetration Test (SPT) Drilling & Soil Sampling Review
  • Hand Auger Investigations
  • Test Pit Investigations
  • Hand Penetrometer Tests
  • Potentiometric Analysis
  • Geologic & Hydrogeologic Research
  • Foundation Inspection
  • Non-Invasive Structural Inspections
  • Catastrophic Damage Assessments
  • Structural Certifications
  • Visual Inspection Reports
  • Structural Settlement Calculations

Sinkhole Repair & Stabilization

  • Low-Mobility Grouting Plans
  • Chemical Grouting Plans
  • Underpinning Plans
  • Subterranean, Structural and Cosmetic Remediation Cost Estimating