Get a Full Home Inspection

Crosstown Engineering’s professionals provide independent structural engineering services including home foundation inspections and engineering reports for property owners, insurers and developers throughout Texas and Florida. These engineering reports provide an in-depth assessment of your home’s foundation problems and also includes an expert, independent opinion for the foundation repair plan.

Foundation Inspection Dallas & Houston: What to Expect

We’re experienced in a broad range of damage assessments and origin of damage claims. Damage can be due to a variety of causes including: wind, flood, sinkhole activity, design flaws, improper material selection, material shrinkage or defection, foundation movement caused by organic material decay, expansive or “active” clay soils, loose fill, relic subterranean formations, construction defects or poor construction and much more.

Once we’ve identified the cause of the observed damage, we issue a signed and sealed professional engineering report that documents the damage assessment and identifies its probable cause.

Crosstown Engineering Provides the Following Forensic Engineering Services:

Structural Forensic Services

  • Independent Foundation Inspection
  • Engineering Report Generation
  • Pier and Beam Analysis
  • Floor Survey Analysis
  • Roof Inspections
  • Non-Invasive Structural Inspections
  • Foundation Inspection Services
  • Catastrophic Damage Assessments
  • Structural Certifications
  • Visual Inspection Reports
  • Structural Settlement Calculations
  • Floor-Survey Preparation 

Stabilization & Repair

  • Foundation Inspection and Repair Plans
  • Underpinning or Pier Placement Plans
  • Subterranean, Structural and Cosmetic Remediation Estimates

Forensic Geotechnical Engineering & Home Inspection Services

  • Subsidence Investigation Report Generation
  • SPT Drilling and Soil Sampling Review
  • Hand Auger Investigations
  • Test Pit Investigations
  • Hand Penetrometer Tests
  • Erosion Control Investigation
  • Potentiometric Analysis
  • Geologic Research 

Whether you’re looking for home inspection Dallas, home inspection Houston or home inspection Tampa, our home inspection experts offer exceptional foundation inspection service.