Drainage Inspections and Drainage Plans

Crosstown Engineering consultants are residential, commercial and industrial site drainage experts. Whether it’s a simple ponding problem near a residence or a water infiltration issue in a large commercial building, we can help.

Poor guttering, poor grading or other drainage circumstances that cause water to infiltrate the soil around your home will have a substantial impact on the performance of your foundation over time. Soaking on one side of the foundation can cause heaving and dis-elevation on that side of the home that will result in drywall cracking and foundation movement.

The Crosstown Drainage Evaluation Approach

Our site inspection group has the experience and know-how to evaluate your site drainage and offer solutions that will reduce the water retention surrounding your structure.

Our expertise can be applied to both large and small-scale projects. We are skilled in evaluating client needs relative to the project’s scope and developing cost-effective concepts and design solutions. After we analyze the drainage problems, we can issue an engineering letter to handle the permitting requirements. Our land development team’s approach to construction design and post-construction services is proven to keep projects on time and within budget.

Need a Permit?

Our relationships with the various permitting agencies in the Dallas and Fort Worth Region will help you acquire the permit you need. We’ve worked with the following permitting agencies:

  • Building Departments
  • Municipality/County Permitting
  • Building Permits (within 150 miles of the Dallas Metroplex)

Drainage Services & Clients

Our clients include commercial and residential property owners, local and national developers, homebuilders, national retailers, state departments and Fortune 500 companies. Some of the services we provide our clients include:

  • Drainage Design
  • Paving, Grading & Drainage Plan & Design
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Stormwater Management and Modeling