Foundation Repair Dallas & Ft. Worth – Crosstown Engineering

The Dallas & Ft. Worth areas provide unique challenges to structural, geotechnical and foundation repair professionals. The various geological formations underlying the area can vary from active clay to limestone and sand.  The soils within the Blackland Prairie, Eastern Cross Timbers and High Plains all react differently to rain, moisture, extreme heat and drought. Our independent and third party home inspection Dallas engineers and technicians are knowledgeable about the soil mechanics associated with active clays, raveling or weak sands and other subterranean characteristics that are common to the Texas landscape.

Foundation Repair Dallas / Ft Worth / Houston

Our professionals are trained to inspect structures on-site, gathering photos of all observed damages, features and clues necessary for diagnosing the cause of a structure’s damage. This data, along with a detailed floor elevation survey, enables our licensed Dallas engineers form conclusions about the cause of damage, and present an effective foundation repair solution in the form of a signed and sealed engineering report.

In addition, our trained stormwater management inspectors and drainage design engineers can identify drainage and erosion control issues and provide a remediation plan.

Do you need a regrading plan, swale design, retaining wall or a yard drain design? Our engineers have provided neutral expert witness testimony for foundation repair projects and are considered a preferred source for plaintiff’s attorneys, state agencies and defendants.

Home Inspection Dallas / Ft Worth / Houston

Home Inspection is a big part of the home buying and selling business. The buyer always wants to make sure that he/she isn’t buying a lemon. Our home inspectors are here to ensure that the home is structurally sound and is not in danger of becoming a burden to the buyers budget down the road. If the foundation is not performing or if the soils are moving the foundation around, we will provide an opinion as to what will need to be done to stabilize the property. It is also our duty to let the buyer and seller know when the foundation is in good shape and does not need repair.

We look forward to working with you on your next project!