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October 24th, 2015
Don’t Try This At Home: 5 Cases to Avoid DIY Fixes at Home

Fixing something ourselves is enjoyable if it means saving money. However, in some cases, it is best to leave it to the experts. Working around your home, especially when doing so without proper knowledge, can be very dangerous. Certain projects take time and care, and when handled incorrectly, they can cause major damage. These are […]

October 13th, 2015
7 Do It Yourself Tips to Preparing your Home for Winter Weather

Wintertime is the most hectic for homeowners as the temperature drops. It becomes harder to maintain the landscape around the home and unpredictable weather creates unforeseen issues. By preparing your home properly, you can save money, avoid accidents and prevent yourself from being stuck waiting on repairmen in snowy conditions. Crosstown Engineering suggests these seven […]

August 21st, 2015
2 Tips to Safeguard Your Home From Sinkholes

Due to geological conditions in areas such as Florida, sinkholes are quite common. Sinkholes occur when the groundwater dissolves in the underground limestone, creating voids and gaps. Unfortunately, these gaps can cause cave-ins and collapses, which is the sinkhole we see above ground. The combination of the rising sea level, growing population and increase presence […]

what is foundation repair
July 27th, 2015
Costs of Structural Home Inspections in Dallas

Crosstown Engineering expanded their home inspection services in Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas because these inspections are high in demand. The reason being is due to the recent development of buildings and homes in these two metropolitan areas. As properties are built at such a rapid pace it increases the chance that building structural issues […]

July 21st, 2015
5 Signs Of Home Drainage Problems

Homes in areas susceptible to flooding such as Dallas and other parts of Texas, should be aware of possible drainage issues during the wet season. Water that pools in the yard can damage the landscape, the foundation and even harbor mosquito larvae and other pests. By being aware of warning signs, homeowners can avoid costly […]

flood damage dallas
July 1st, 2015
3 Types of Drains to Prevent Flood Damage

The rainy season can cause significant flood damage to a home’s foundation due to a lack of drainage systems. Torrential downpours can cause water to pond near the foundation or collect in crawlspace areas and even cause water intrusion and flood damage issues. It is important to remember the soils underneath your home’s foundation can […]

home inspection dallas
May 29th, 2015
The 5 Most Common Issues Found in a Home Inspection

A home inspection conducted by a structural engineer could make or break a potential homeowner’s decision to purchase the home. A home investigation is an integral component to ensure the safety and security of a home. To ensure a thorough evaluation, it is important for the homeowner to have a general understanding of common issues […]

foundation repair dallas
May 15th, 2015
When to Call Home Foundation Engineer

Homeowners most commonly recognize foundation damage through signs of distress such as cracks, sticky doors and uneven floors. These signs of physical damage usually indicate that the structure of the home has been affected and the home is in need of a foundation repair. To avoid future damage and protect the home, homeowners should consult […]

Structural Engineering Report
April 13th, 2015
An Introduction to Structural Engineering Reports

Have you noticed potential structural issues in your home? Is your roof noticeably sagging in spots, or is your chimney beginning to slide? If so, you’re probably going to need a little help from a structural engineer. These professionals come with the expertise and training you’ll need to begin addressing the structural integrity of your […]

home foundation problems dallas
March 4th, 2015
6 Tips to Preventing Home Foundation Problems

Homeowners who neglect home foundation problems can face severe and costly damages to their home. Foundation problems can be caused by a number of factors, including poor pre-construction soil preparation, drainage issues, plumbing leaks, clay shrinkage due to evaporation and/or tree roots withdrawing water from the soil. To help prevent home foundation problems, Crosstown Engineering suggests six tips. 1. […]

Pier and Beam Foundation
February 6th, 2015
Types Of Home Foundation Inspections

In recent Insights articles, we’ve discussed the important role a structural engineer’s engineering report plays in assessing you home’s foundation and identifying risks and breakdowns in a home’s structural integrity. In cases where foundation problems are identified, the structural engineer will recommend a remediation plan for your home’s foundation repair. There are many factors that […]

home foundation repair, home insurance
January 26th, 2015
Does Insurance Cover Foundation Repair Costs?

Your most valuable asset is typically your home—so it’s worth doing all you can to protect it. The first step in safeguarding your home is getting a home insurance policy with the right coverage and options for your property. It’s difficult to foresee issues, and homeowners often don’t find out that certain damages are not […]

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