Foundation Repair Dallas & Fort Worth Region

Our independent foundation inspection engineers are knowledgeable about the foundation problems you face—expansive soil mechanics associated with active clays, organic material, groundwater fluctuations, raveling or weak sands, and dissolving limestone can all lead to a cracked foundation. We are also experienced with structural systems and understand how they are affected when impacted by reduced soil bearing capacity or expanding and contracting soils.

Crosstown Engineering has regional expertise throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. The Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex Region requires unique solutions to structural engineering and foundation repair issues. The soils within the Blackland Prairie, Eastern Cross Timbers and High Plains react differently to rain, moisture, extreme heat and drought then other areas. In addition, the various geological formations underlying the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex can include active clay, limestone and varying layers and strengths of sand. These various lithographies often require different foundation repair methods to prevent further foundation problems and a cracked foundation.

Our engineers and repair specialists are trained to visually inspect the interior and exterior of a structure and its terrain to gather the data and clues necessary to identify the cause of the damage. Here is a summarized look at our process.


Our Approach For Home Foundation Repair Dallas & Fort Worth Region

The Dallas and Fort Worth foundation repair marketplace has become an environment where foundation repair contractors often up-sell, oversell or even misdiagnose the cause of damage to make extra money or “close the deal”. Sometimes, the cause of damage is misdiagnosed because the contractor and/or salesperson is not qualified to diagnose the origin of damage—which is why the inspection is free. In order to truly understand a structure and diagnose the real problem, it’s best to hire an independent engineer to approve or prepare the pier plan. If your home has not been inspected by a structural or forensic engineer, there is a good chance that there is a more effective solution or their may be a more economical foundation repair method than the one being sold by the foundation contractor or salesperson. Our inspectors are licensed engineers or have been trained to gather the necessary data our engineers need to make a determination.

Homeowners, buyers, sellers and property owners should also be aware that Texas does not regulate foundation repair contractors by not requiring professional licensing. This has opened up the consumer to fraudulent and incompetent contracting practices! Please be aware that if a contractor is not overseen by an ethical engineer or does not have a track record, it is a risky proposition. Many contractors go out-out-of-business and some owners do not return phone calls after being paid. The local municipalities attempt to regulate contractors by requiring them to pull a permit with the local municipality, which means engineering oversight is required. In our experience, foundation repairs have a much higher success rate when an engineer is involved in the process. If you are nervous about a contractor and need advice, contact our office! They can place you in good hands.